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Clean Valley Water is a local privately ran business that strives to give great customer experience and free information of water and programs. With decades of experience in business, our professional water analysts strive to give a personal and educational experience to each customer. We have collaborated with many large local businesses and privately held firms.

What’s in your water?

Let one of our trained water treatment professionals assess your home water treatment needs with a complimentary, in-home analysis of your water.

Water Filtration System in Fresno

Water. The life sustaining liquid that makes up 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. It makes up the majority of our own bodies. It is such a simple thing that most of us don’t twice about it. We don’t think about it…until it is taken away from us. On a global scale, 1 in every 10 people lack access to clean water. Even in developed countries like the United States, we still struggle with contamination issues in various communities across the country. Everyone deserves access to clean water. Every family should be able to depend on clean water. That’s why at Clean Valley Water, we want to improve the lives of the people of the Fresno community by helping you to improve your water conditions. We have the tools and systems that make it possible to guarantee clean water for you and your family in the Fresno area.

Get Your Water Tested

Before you decide how to go about treating your water and improving its quality through our products and services, you may be searching for some more information. You may be wondering about the degree of quality your water actually possesses. You might be asking yourself, “How bad is it?” or “Why is it like that?” or maybe “What is actually in my water?” With Clean Valley Water, we can help you to answer all these questions and more with one of our free water tests.

About Our Water Tests

At Clean Valley Water, if you fill out the online application found on our website with your contact information and comments, we will set you up with one of our free water analyses. Alternatively, you also have the option of calling or emailing us. We believe in good customer service at Clean Valley Water, so we will be prompt in our response and set you up with your test. For this analysis, one of our qualified water analysis representatives will test a sample of your water. What we are doing when we do this analysis is a test for dissolved solids, contaminants, and chlorine.

It is important to get your water tested because there are potentially a great number of microbial and organic substances that are otherwise imperceptible to our everyday senses: smell touch, feel, etc. With our free water test, we are testing for a wide range of contaminants. Some of the contaminants that we screen for include aluminum, ammonia, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chloramine, fluoride, chromium, viruses, copper, bacteria, lead, nitrates, nitrites, mercury, perchlorate, radium, selenium, silver, and uranium. With our dedicated and passionate team here at Clean Valley Water, you can depend on us to do a thorough examination and analysis of your water and to help you diagnose the very best solution.

Where to Go from There

Once you have received one of our free water analysis tests, we can provide some of the things you need to treat your water and ensure clean water for you and your family. At Clean Valley Water, we offer a variety of treatment options to choose from. We offer water softeners, salt water filters, as well as salt free water filters.

Water Softeners

Here at Clean Valley Water, one of the products we offer to you to help improve the quality of your water is our water softeners. But you might be asking, what are water softeners? Well looking at the process as a whole, water softening is the process of treating water by removing calcium and magnesium and other cations. This process is known as ionization. Water softeners, through this process, will condition your water. We have a wide variety of water softeners available for purchase. One of the benefits that our water softeners will provide is that it will reduce the build-up of limescale. Because of this, it will help with your plumbing. Also, our water softeners use carbon filters that are activated. You might appreciate this in our products because it cuts down the unpleasant taste and odors that happen because of the chlorine in the water.

Water Filters

We offer two types of water filter systems at Clean Valley Water. One of those types is the Puronics drinking water filtration system. This system employs the process of reverse osmosis to clean the water of contaminants and unwanted materials. It uses salt as part of the process. Our drinking water filtration system in Fresno will improve the taste of your water by purifying the minerals. It will soften hard water, similar to our water softeners. This system of ours will clear up your water as well; it will eliminate discoloration in your water and bad smells. Last but not least, you can take comfort in the fact that the system is environmentally friendly as well, especially when compared to other similar models on the market.

As previously mentioned, the above drinking water filtration system uses salt. However, there may be people out there that do not wish to use a system with salt. Because we strive to be considerate of our customers and provide them with choices and variety, we also offer a salt-free filtration system as an alternative. This system cleans your water but without salt and other chemicals or potassium. This system may be a good fit for you if you or someone in your family has a sodium restrictive diet or allergy. Also, this salt-free system retains the magnesium and the calcium in your water, which can be beneficial minerals to add to your diet. This system, like our other products, will improve the quality, color, odor, and taste of your


Looking Ahead

We want to offer to you only the very best products, and we intend to stay true to that idea. With Clean Valley Water, our goal is to deliver you the tools that will allow you to improve your water for you and your family. You can sit back and relax once you start using one of our products. You will feel independent, pleased, and content knowing that you are in control of your water. So go with the flow and let us here at Clean Valley Water in Fresno help you build a better future.

Improve your water. Improve your life.

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