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Sales Rabbit

A Quick Start Guide for your Sales Rabbit Account

Step 1: Log into your mailbox and find the welcome to sales rabbit email. Create your new password using the login portal, download the app and log in.

Password: (temporary password is in your welcome email)

How to Save a Lead in the Field

Open up the Sales Rabbit app on your phone and proceed to the “Canvass” Menu item. This will open up the map on your device.

  1. Navigate to where your blue dot is(this is your gps locator)
  2. Click the red house in the bottom right part of the screen(see in example 1)
  3. Pick the lead status(see in example 2)
  4. Click the house to paste the lead icon(see example 3)
  5. Click the icon to input pertinent information
Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Lead Status’

Dealing with the Data Grid

The data grid is enabled when a territory is assigned to you. The data grid enables customer name, address, phone number, ownership status, and any other information that can be aggregated. This is what a territory that is assigned to you will look like with the data grid.

How to update Lead Type Icon for a customers that is on the data grid

  1. click the silver icon with the dollar sign
  2. click the white pencil
  3. click the new icon to update the customer lead type(view image below)