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With Water Treatment facilities filtering the tap water in our houses with the least efficiency in the history of California, more and more home owners are turning to other means to make sure their houses are receiving healthy drinkable water that is also safe for their families. Some families are even noticing perceptible water quality issues immediately after moving into a new residence. that What they have found in a staggering rate is the only solution to this problem is to install a filter or treatment system to purify the water entering the home. Check out a list of waterborne contaminants.

The filters we are seeing people in Porterville install on a regular basis are:

1. Reverse Osmosis Filters
2. Whole Home Water Filters
3. Alkaline Water Filters
4. 2-3-5 stage water filtration systems
5. water softeners
6. Alkaline Water Systems

water contaminants in Porterville CA

To find out what contaminants are in your tap water check out the EWG Tapwater Database.

These are Common Contaminants that we see from local municipalities like Porterville.

Radiological contaminants leach into water from certain minerals and from mining. Drinking water contamination with radioactive substances increases the risk of cancer and may harm fetal development.

Should I be concerned about the Water Quality in Porterville California?

A growing study shows that the water in Porterville California has detectable levels of contaminants that are above the health guidelines. The problem with these findings is they only need to report the list of items that are found in the water for that region. Not necessarily remove them. Read more about the emerging concern.


The most common questions that we hear from local home owners near Porterville:


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What is Reverse Osmosis?
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