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Did you know at www.cleanvalleywater.org we offer free water testing near Selma?  Did you know that your water could be harmful to you, your loved ones and even your pets.  There are many factors that go into the water quality and having your water tested annually should be on your calendar.  We offer this service free of charge.  There are a variety of methods to clean your water or filter your water once we have an understanding of what is in your water.  Should you have your water tested more often?  Ask, we are happy to provide you with scenarios that are a yes, for sure.  But, this isn’t always necessary. Click Here to view the ca.gov water boards database.


Free Water testing is offered to ensure we understand what sort of water issues we are dealing with. There are several minerals such as sulfate, chloride, iron, manganese.  Also, what is the condition of your pipes?  The hardness and corrosion will most likely show up as staining or a film on things.  This should be tested when this occurs to ensure that it’s not dangerous.  Nitrates and Bacteria are also things that can be found in your water.  Having a test will give you peace of mind that your water is safe and we even offer water filtration.

Water Testing in Selma


So, you have contacted us and we have set up a water test.  Great, the next step is easy.  We arrange to meet with you at your home to test out the waters.  From there we can do some analysis and give you some options to think about should you need any water purification options.  We do offer a nice selection of choices and what meets your water needs and what is in the budget usually has a couple of options.  Our technicians are trained to look for certain things that could be harmful to your water supply as well and can give pointers if they should see something nearby.


This is the most widely used option.  Due to the system itself, you can have just a sink option for drinking water or a whole house option.  This is a system that has been around since the 70’s so it’s not new, but the technology has improved greatly over the years.  This system is a series of filters that will filter out the particles from the water.  Even Chlorine and other water borne contaminants can be filtered from the water.  This leaves a great tasting and healthy water system.  And, this can practically fit any budget with the number of systems available.

Water Test Dos Palos

So, let us come take a peek at your water source.  We will bring out our testing equipment and get to work looking at what is in your drinking water.  This is completely free and at no obligation.  We believe that every family deserves to know what they are putting into their bodies.  We have many options available to clean up the water should this need to be done and will be happy to speak with you on all of your options.